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Delap Wealth Advisory

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Evidence Based Advisor Marketing provides digital marketing services exclusively for evidence-based advisors.

We can help you improve your website and inbound marketing efforts with fresh, creative ideas that help you field more leads and convert prospects.


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What Our Clients Say


  • Steve Schiestel
    Thank you so much for you and your teams assistance to helping us build a truly awesome web site.  Left to our own devises, we would have never been able to arrive at we have now.
    Steve Schiestel
    Grand Capital Advisors
  • Bob Bove

    Working with your team was a pure joy, very simple and very enjoyable.  I can’t believe that anyone who practices Evidenced Based Investing would use anyone but your team to convey their message through this medium.  Dan Solin is a consummate professional and the expert in this area of investing and he truly knows how to pull out the same yet unique message that we all must convey to our clients.

    I can’t begin to tell you how grateful our entire team is for the videos that you produced for us here at The 4:8 Group.  They truly reflect what we’re all about, our core message came through perfectly. You exceeded our expectations, and for that, we thank you.

    Bob Bove
    The 4:8 Group
  • Mike Pepin of TruNorth Financial
    Dan and his team guided me through the process of developing a great website. In a world where so many sites look “cookie cutter” I was very happy to end up with a site that allows my firm’s personality to come through. Every step of the way Dan and his team were asking what was important to me and then making it happen on the page. Thanks for everything.
    Mike Pepin
    TruNorth Financial
  • Steve Erickson
    EBAM creates astonishing sites based upon a unique end result in mind. I was made to feel I was EBAM’s most important client and the site was to be amazing. I have no second thoughts that I made the right choice in selecting EBAM to create my site.  Erickson Financial Solutions
    Steve Erickson
    Erickson Financial Solutions
  • Troy Knighton, Veritas Wealth Mangement
    So happy I finally have a website that is warm, personal and unique to my firm. Dan and Jen were extremely responsive and clearly know what works and what doesn’t. They had great ideas while still focusing on my needs and goals.  Veritas Wealth Management
    Troy Knighton
    Veritas Wealth Management
  • Steve Lowrie
    From start to finish, I found everyone at EBAM very responsive and pro-active.  The end result is terrific and exactly on the lines I was looking for.  I would have never been able to come up with anything close to this myself, nor would I have been able to get it done as quickly.   In fact, the time savings in itself more than paid for your services. Lowrie Financial
    Steve Lowrie
    Lowrie Financial
  • Tim DeVries
    From our initial consultation call all the way to the rollout of the final product, Dan listened to us and quickly understood what we wanted to accomplish. He guided us through the content creation stage with useful ideas and plans. His brutal honesty prevented us from making mistakes we certainly would have without his wisdom. Dan and Jen went above and beyond what they were paid. ClearViewInvesting.com
    Tim DeVries
    ClearView Investments
  • Mark Walhout
    I am so happy with the work that Jen and Dan and the team at Evidence Based Advisor Marketing did with my website. I wanted something that was more personal and exciting. Dan and Jen helped bring the ideas out of my head and into a design and format that I'm proud of. walhoutfinancial.ca
    Mark Walhout
    Walhout Financial
  • Aaron
    I was not looking for a cookie-cutter website but wanted one that told my story and focused on what made clients choose Arbor Wealth. While their strength was helping to put my thoughts into words and structuring the site to flow smoothly, EBAM also took it a step further and assisted with the implementation of the website from making introductions to the site host, sitting through the calls with the designers and reviewing the site through its final launch. EBAM was professional, courteous and thorough every step of the way. arbor-wealth.com
    Aaron Andreas
    Arbor Wealth